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Mailbag: What About The DT Depth Chart?


After letting Maliek Collins go and grabbing two pretty big free agents in Gerald McCoy and Dontari Poe, what do you speculate will happen with the remaining unsigned DTs from last year's roster? I think Antwaun Woods could turn into a really good player, I'd hate to lose him now. – BO KNOWS / BLANDINSVILLE, IL

Nick: I'm not sure where Woods fits into the equation. The Cowboys clearly are looking for bigger interior linemen and Woods might not be the right fit. Then again, we've heard these assistants say they're looking for good players and not worried about how they fit. That being said, for about $750,000 that it would cost the Cowboys, I think Woods is a good fit, especially for a backup that could learn behind the likes of Poe and McCoy.

Jonny: In a perfect world, Trysten Hill would be the young defensive tackle that would primarily fill in for Poe and McCoy, but I can't imagine how the organization would have much faith in him after his rookie season. So between Woods and Christian Covington I would expect the Cowboys to bring at least one of them back.

Hello guys, I really liked what I saw in Cedrick Wilson catching the ball. He was able to get open from what I saw . Do you think he can be the number three receiver and get more playing time this year? – JAMES PAGE / FORT WASHINGTON, MD

Nick: Hmm, I don't know if I saw what you did. I know he flashed some potential here and there, but not really with consistency. To make him a No. 3 is a stretch. I think his best shot is just to make the team. But if he can prove he can stay healthy, that might be what it takes to showcase his skills. That would be the first step. The second step is to prove he can play special teams.

Jonny: There will be a competition for that third receiver spot, so Wilson will certainly have an opportunity along with Devin Smith to earn it. But the Cowboys are likely to draft a receiver at some point in the draft, and they would probably love for that player to take that role if he proves he's ready. New special teams coordinator in John Fassel will likely take a look at what Wilson can do in the return game, as well.

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