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Mailbag: What All-In Moves Are Still Needed?


With all of the young talent (some of whom other teams will snatch up), looming big contracts and a defensive coordinator who other teams are just waiting to make their next head coach, is this a do or die year for the Cowboys? If so, what, if any, moves do you think they should make to go all-in for this year? _– Dan Flores/Crestview, FL

Mickey: When it's the Cowboys, it's a do-or-die year every year. There is no rebuilding, it's reloading. To me, they already went all in with the trades to pick up Brandin Cooks and Stephon Gilmore, two vital spots they needed to fill. Other than kicker and maybe another inexpensive veteran running back behind Tony Pollard, not sure what other positions are of such vital importance they need to make a huge expenditure to fill. Better time to ask that question will be the end of training camp once we know the health of this team.

Nick Eatman: I think the all-in move would be to fix a problem that we don't actually see right now. And with that, it's usually because of an injury that occurred in the preseason or training camp. Not trying to jinx anything, but these types of things happen. Sometimes you just stand pat and lean on your depth but other times you have to go make a move and perhaps dip into next year's draft or trade away other players where there's more depth. Either way, I think we'll find out just how committed the Cowboys are to winning right now when something happens that forces their hand. Without that, I really don't see a position that is so glaring - other than kicker - that you have to go get some help right now.

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