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Mailbag: What Does Aug. 6 Really Mean For Zeke?


I am not really concerned about Zeke's holdout and think it will resolve itself. Curious how the Aug. 6 deadline works. If he does not report by this date does he lose a full year of eligibility even if he reports in time to play the season? Does that give the Cowboys three more years with his fifth-year option instead of two? Thanks for all your work and keeping us up to date and informed. - JOEL JACKSON / CORPUS CHRISTI, TX

Bryan: Mickey explained the situation on Talkin' Cowboys Monday morning. Because the team picked up the fifth-year option, reporting on Aug. 6 is no longer a hurdle for him. I believe he'll continue to hold out until he gets a new deal. When that happens is anyone's guess.

Rob: As Mickey said, the rule about losing an accrued season toward free agency after Aug. 6 doesn't apply to Elliott because of the fifth-year option on his rookie deal. Regardless, I doubt Aug. 6 would have meant anything to him anyway because once he gets a new deal – when that happens, who knows – the accrued season stuff would be moot. Like Bryan said, the holdout continues.

I read that Connor McGovern is still out. Any update on his return? At what point would they PUP or IR him and would that mean pretty much a redshirt year for him? Thanks! - MICHAEL LOGIUDICE / WILMINGTON, MA

Bryan: Needs time/strength. Not ready, nor are they going to push him because other guys are out. When he's ready to go they'll put him back on the field. The medical staff was direct to me about that.

Rob: McGovern has been dealing with a pectoral strain since the offseason workouts. No firm return date, but he remains on the active camp roster, not a reserve list. It's unfortunate because he could be getting valuable reps while Zack Martin and Cody Wichmann sit out with injuries. But they won't take any chances with their third-round pick's health.

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