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Mailbag: What Does Frederick Pick Mean For Phil Costa?



Where does the Frederick pick leave Costa? He did play much better in his brief appearance last season. Can you see him as at least a valuable back up as both a guard and center?

David: I've been saying since the draft that I wouldn't be surprised if Costa beats the rookie out for the center spot. I could see Costa taking the center job while Frederick adjusts as a guard. But either way, both guys are versatile, and I bet they'll both spend time at both guard and center during training camp.

Bryan: Frederick has a better chance starting at guard than Costa does. I believe they will let them battle it out at center and sees who wins it. If Frederick does lose it, they would only work him at guard, if Livings or Bernadeau were not doing the job. I really do feel like they are committed to Frederick to play center here and will do everything in their power to make that happen. As far as Costa, if he loses the job, he will be a backup center only.

With Romo having more input in the offense, and Jason Garrett not announcing who the offensive coordinator will be, is it possible that they will give the OC title to Bill Callahan, but Romo will really be the offensive coordinator?

David: You don't need me to say Romo is going to have his hands all over the gameplan – Jerry Jones has said that himself. The full duties of offensive coordinator are still probably a bit much for the quarterback to undertake though. What I think is more likely, is you'll see a close, partner-like relationship between Romo and the eventual offensive play-caller. Aaron Rodgers had a partnership like that with Joe Philbin before he left to coach the Dolphins, and there's a similar situation in New Orleans between Drew Brees and Pete Carmichael. That type of understanding between quarterback and coordinator has worked beautifully for those two offenses.

Bryan:No, that will not happen. In the rookie minicamp practices last weekend, from what I was able to observe, Callahan was calling the offensive plays during the team period while Garrett was directing the [embedded_ad]

practice. Either Garrett or Callahan will be the play caller and where Romo comes into the mix will be in the preparation of the game plan on a weekly basis, and overall that is not a bad situation to be in.

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