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Mailbag: What Does Future Hold For Sean Lee?


After the playoff loss, Sean Lee said he needed to think about his future. Now according to reports it sounds like he wants to play next year. What do you think? - MATTHEW K / DALLAS, TX

Bryan: I like the idea of Sean Lee returning but I also like the idea of him doing it for half of his salary. Lee has always been fair with the team because they were fair with him. As a backup player he would not be a bad option for a young group that as a whole was outstanding.

Rob: If Lee indeed plans to play, then you have to think there's a good chance he's back here. He's under contract for 2019, and although it's well-documented he's set to make $7 million next year in what would be a more limited role, Cowboys brass has said repeatedly that they want him back. Maybe there's a way to figure out the money side of things, as Bryan said. I've said this repeatedly the past few months: As promising as their young linebackers are, Lee is still a guy who can help this defense.


With the way the season went for David Irving and the possibility that he may not get any major offers from other teams, do you think the Cowboys would bring him back on a very, very, VERY team friendly deal? - JACK FANELLI / BLACKWOOD, NJ

Bryan: When are we going to stop banging our head against the wall? Irving showed you his true colors last season. He didn't want to play football and the club paid him to do so. This draft is full of tackles that can help you now and into the future. 

Rob: It's just hard to see. I understand the question because of his talent level, and the Cowboys carried him on the active roster into the playoffs rather than IR, perhaps on the very small chance he could get back on the field. But it just feels like a move-on type of situation now that he's a free agent.

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