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Mailbag: What Does The Cap Situation Look Like?


With a new coaching staff and a large group of free agents, not to mention big name contracts on the horizon (Dak, Amari) what is the current state of the cap and how will that affect the staff's ability to put together the best team for 2020? - JOSH CARTER / BROOKLYN, NY

Nick: I've learned this a long time ago – never try to figure out how much money the Cowboys have under or over the cap. It's always changing and can be very flexible depending on what the team needs to do. Your real question is can they do what they want to do in 2020, despite having to sign those two big free agents. The answer is yes. Don't forget that if you've got 25 free agents, that means there's a lot of money also coming off the books, too. They'll have plenty of money to get things done. They'll have a lot more if they can get at least sign Dak to a long-term deal. If they have to franchise him or even Amari, it'll put more of a strain on the cap. But they can certainly be competitive and I think they will be pretty active in free agency.

Rob: According to OverTheCap, the Cowboys currently have upwards of $80 million in space. Of course, that's because over 25 players have expiring contracts. As you said, Prescott and Cooper are expected to be priorities, and other players undoubtedly will be back. Cap space is always pretty fluid, but I think they're in good shape this offseason to accomplish what they need.

In my opinion, kicker Kai Forbath should be a priority signing this offseason based on his performance. Do you agree? Or do you see them looking to sign a proven free agent or bring in some young rookies? - DAVID NYSTROM / LOUDON, TN

Nick: I don't think there's really a "proven" free agent out there other than a guy like Forbath. I think he gets a chance to come back unless another team throws a lot of money his way. My guess is that he gets re-signed but the Cowboys will still likely bring in a young kicker and call it a competition.

Rob: Hard to argue with Forbath's results: perfect on field goals and extra points in his three games with the team. I think he qualifies as a proven free agent. I would imagine he's on the Cowboys' radar to bring back, but he's eligible to be an unrestricted free agent in March.

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