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Mailbag: What Grade Does This Draft Deserve?


With all the left defensive end-types on the roster and the lack of right defensive end, do you think that if Anthony Spincer gets healthy the coaches will try to move him to the RDE spot?

Rowan: Probably not off the bat. I do think Spencer has the ability to play both sides, but right now the focus for him is just getting healthy. The roster may dictate which side he ends up on, but I imagine they'll put him where he's most comfortable to start out with. I really just think the top four defensive linemen will be on the field to start the year, so if that means he needs to shift over, then he can.

David: The two things we know for sure are that Henry Melton is going to play the three-technique and Demarcus Lawrence is a right defensive end. If the Cowboys have the answers for where to put everyone else, they are keeping it a secret for the time being. Personally, I think one of the two of either Spencer or George Selvie will need to move across the line to right end. Spencer seems like the better bet to do that, but he's got to get healthy enough to play first. As it stands right now, I'm not including him in the picture until he proves he's healthy enough to play.

What grade would you give the Cowboys draft?

Rowan:It's obviously impossible to know without seeing any of the players they picked yet on the field, but my initial gut would grade  a "B-". It's almost entirely dependent  on the second-round pick, Demarcus Lawrence. This draft was touted for how deep the talent pool was, and the Cowboys forfeited a third-round pick by moving up in the second round for him. [embedded_ad] That's putting a lot of faith in the only pass-rusher the Cowboys grabbed before the seventh round. If he becomes their star defensive end the next five years, then the move panned out. If not, that was a heavy price to pay.

David: This is boring, but I basically agree with Rowan's assessment. Whether or not Lawrence pans out is going to be the talking point for this draft in the future. Aside from that, I absolutely love the Zack Martin pick – he should be a Day 1 starter. I like Street's chances of being able to contribute immediately, and I like the odds that one or two of those seventh rounders will turn into something useful. I can't say I love the selection of Anthony Hitchins in the fourth round, as that seems a bit high to be drafting a backup. So I'm going with "B" or "B-." Good, but not amazing.

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