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Mailbag: What is 2024 projection for Trey Lance?


What is the projection for Trey Lance? Is he in line to be the second-string quarterback? Can he push Dak Prescott at all for starting duties? I hope there is a future for him here. Otherwise, I'm not sure why we traded a fourth-round pick for him. – Gary Lehman/New Orleans, LA

Nick Harris: The plan with Trey Lance is to see what he has to offer this next year in training camp and the preseason to get a good gauge of what his exact future with the Cowboys looks like. He worked all season with quarterbacks coach Scott Tolzien and the rest of the offensive staff to improve his game, and they will be able to see how far he's come when they get to Oxnard. The team has two years to determine if he can either be a long-term backup for Dak Prescott's latter part of his career – which has proven to be more and more valuable with older quarterbacks – and/or his eventual replacement a few years from now. Regardless, with Cooper Rush entering the final season of his contract, the plan would have to be seeing Lance backup Prescott in 2025 unless something drastically goes wrong in his preseason sample sizes. If they can't at least manage that, then I'm with you, it'd be a waste of a fourth-round pick.

Mickey: Well Gary you are way ahead of yourself here. First, let's see where Lance is after having an entire offseason and training camp with the Cowboys. Remember, he didn't show up until Aug. 26, like two weeks before the start of the 2023 season, and at best during practice ran the scout team some and rarely got snaps with the offense. I'd think at best Trey might compete for the backup job with Cooper Rush. No threat to Dak. This trade was always for the future or possibly to develop enough if another team comes looking for a potential starting quarterback and maybe parlaying a fourth-round draft choice into like a second.

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