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Mailbag: La'el Collins' Long-Term Future?




With the way we have witnessed the escalating contracts of offensive linemen around the league. Would the Cowboys be better off trying to get La'el Collins locked up on a long-term deal next offseason before the price gets driven up even further on him?

Bryan:Stephen Jones always tries to stay ahead of the curve, but he's got some other contracts that he needs to consider first. Collins has two more seasons left on this current deal so I'd let things ride until then with the intent of helping other spots on my roster.

David:I'm curious about La'el, because if he keeps improving at this rate he might price himself out of the Cowboys' plans. I'm not sure any team in the league can afford to pay top-tier money to four of its five offensive linemen -- especially when you have to worry about guys like DeMarcus Lawrence, Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott.



Would No. 94 still be eligible for the practice squad (assuming reinstatement)? Would that be considered if he is?

Bryan:That's an interesting question and after asking around I was informed that the answer is no. Gregory would not be eligible if they needed to go that route.

David:Even if Gregory were eligible, I don't think it would matter. Despite his troubles, I think a guy with his skill set would be claimed after getting released.

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