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Mailbag: What Is The Offense's Best Identity?


Watching the offense, I'm always struggling with the idea of taking what the defense gives you (throwing the ball to get less men in the box) vs. imposing your will (i.e. Zeke and more Zeke). Moving forward against better competition as the season moves on, which method do you think will make our offense more successful? Thanks for doing such a great job. - JOEY ARNEL SAYSON / SANTA MONICA, CA

Bryan: I think Kellen Moore is doing what he has to in order to not only protect his offense but try to help the defense as well. With all these injuries on offense, especially to the line, he can't afford to throw the ball every snap. If he does, that he might get his quarterback injured. The defense has had their issues too. If he gets a bunch of three and outs, then that wears them out and they can be exposed. When Moore gets all his weapons back then you will likely see him get back to more of an aggressive approach until then he has to be careful.

Rob: I liked what they did at the start of the second half against the Jets. Down 15, they didn't ditch the run game and they kept their best player (Elliott) involved. I think it kept the Jets more honest, and it allowed Dak Prescott and the reworked offensive line to settle in a little bit. I don't believe in banging your head against the wall against eight-man fronts, but I do think they have to maintain balance with Elliott the best they can each week. It eases the burden on Dak and it opens up the play-action game, which usually leads to good things.

What happened to Devin Smith? I felt he had some flashes and with the injuries to our receivers,seems he should be on the field, no? - STEVE MASTERSON / MIDDLETOWN, DE

Bryan: With Randall Cobb down they need a guy that can function in the slot and that's not Devin Smith. You also get more on special teams from Cedrick Wilson and that's why he's playing as well.

Rob: It's really been about special teams more than anything. Wide receiver Ventell Bryant, brought up from the practice squad, has been active the last two games to help there. Randall Cobb was inactive against the Jets, but the team didn't expect Amari Cooper to last one series (quad contusion). Perhaps they look to Smith this week, particularly if Cobb and/or Cooper can't go against the Eagles.

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