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Mailbag: What Moves At Running Back Can Be Anticipated?


It seems that our running game really lacked this season. I understand that the injury to Demarco Murray may have hurt us, but Felix Jones was drafted in the first round a few years back. Could you see Jerry Jones signing a big name running back in the offseason or drafting one early?

Nick: Neither really. I see the Cowboys drafting one in the middle rounds to late. While I think Murray is pretty good, you can always get better. I'm not sure how much the foot bothered him even after he returned. But you can't ever assume he's going to be 100 percent. I see a few changes at running back this year, with possibly two or three new faces .

Rowan: I could see one being drafted, but not early on. There are too many other glaring needs, particularly on both sides of the line, to spend an early draft pick on a running back. Typically, there are players later in the draft who can fill that spot. I anticipate the Cowboys doing some work in the offseason to find a player behind Murray that they feel confident in, especially considering Murray's past injury problems. 


Why is it Romo can't get over this hump? Year after year why does he have his worst game when it means the most?

Nick: Romo is a great player. But he's not so great that he can always be a savior for this team. He makes mistakes. We've all seen it. He tries to do too much at times. But the funny thing about that, is no one EVER says Romo is doing too much, when he throws three or four touchdowns and 350 yards. That only happens when he fails. He struggled most of the night. But I really don't have the answer as to why it happens in these games. That's not really the question that gets asked though. The next question is, should he be replaced. And yes he probably should….. in three years.  

Rowan: He's probably asking himself the same question. This team would be nowhere close to the spot it was in last night without Romo, and yet once again they'll be watching the playoffs from home after a late collapse. Romo tends to put a lot on his shoulders in getting the offense going, particularly this year with so many troubles early on with the offensive line. Usually, that works out. With everything on the line, he wanted to be the guy to make the plays to send his team to the playoffs, and by doing so, he appeared to be doing too much. That's when he gets in trouble the way he did Sunday, forcing throws where they shouldn't go.

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