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Mailbag: What Position Is Most Concerning?


Now that the draft is over, what position group on the roster concerns you most? Where do they still need to add? Brandin Cooks was a great addition, but wide receiver is a concern for me. – Jorge Alfaro/Dallas, TX

Nick Eatman: The biggest concern for me would be at the guard position because right now I'm not sure who the starter is. Now, if you're tell me that Tyler Smith is going to play it with the assumption that Terrence, Steele and Tyron Smith are both going to play on the outside then I would be OK with that, probably more than most people are. But the guard position seems like it's one that doesn't have a clear-cut answer at the moment. As for wide receiver, I'm not sure what the concern is because you've got three players who have all had 1000-yard seasons in the past, including an All-Pro in CeeDee Lamb. The concern is for the fourth receiver? I think this team has a little more issues than worrying about that and it stems on the office of line. 

Patrik: I'd agree that I still have question marks surrounding the WR bunch behind Lamb, Gallup and Cooks, and while the Cowboys did select one on draft weekend, it wasn't until Jalen Brooks got the nod as the seventh-round pick (244) and, to me, that means they'll lean really hard on the other Jalen (Tolbert) to step up in Year 2 and start showing flashes that support his draft status as a former third-round pick in 2022. He'll have his work cut out for him though, because it was Simi Fehoko who flat-out owned 2022 training camp before injury derailed his season and, as such, he's in prime position to strike again for the WR4 role. As I look around the roster, I don't see any pressing issues, positionally, and kudos to the Cowboys for having a great offseason to put themselves in this position. There are some concerns, however, (e.g., will Asim Richards be moved to guard, etc.) but, for me, the WR depth equation remains wildly unsolved ahead of OTAs.

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