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Mailbag: What Purpose Could Uche Nwaneri Serve?


Sorry, I'm confused. Why sign another offensive lineman? From everything you guys have put out, it doesn't seem like the Cowboys need to waste the money. They need to sign who they have.

David: Well, judging by the fact that Uche Nwaneri has been a free agent for this long, I doubt the price is especially high. This isn't the type of contract that's going to hinder their ability to sign the likes of Dez Bryant or Tyron Smith. All it does is add depth and maybe some training camp competition to what already looks like a strong offensive line. Seems like a good deal to me.

Rowan: We don't have all the facts of the deal, but I'd be shocked to see this be any sort of big money deal. It seems this offseason and through the draft, the Cowboys' main focus has been depth. They've dealt with enough situations the past couple seasons with injured players that they don't want to find themselves having to cycle through players off the street when their starters get hurt. Outside of the loser of the Mackenzy Bernadeau/Ron Leary left guard competition, there weren't any other proven interior linemen on this team.

David Helman wrote an article the other day comparing Dez Bryant to the other big receiving threats in the division. I'd like to know where you guys would place Terrance Willams when compared to the No. 2 receivers in the division and what has to improve this offseason to make him a real offensive threat.

David:I'd say it's already fair to call him an offensive threat, judging by some of the plays he made as a rookie. But as solid as his debut season was, he did manage just 44 catches – which averages out to fewer than three per game. There are some pretty experienced receivers within this [embedded_ad] division,  but I think he can establish himself as one of the better ones with a bit more consistency as a sophomore.

Rowan: Until he adds to what he did in 2013, I wouldn't put him among the top second receivers in this division yet. I'd probably put him below Jeremy Maclin (if he's healthy) and above what the Giants are rolling out, with both of them behind the Pierre Garcon/DeSean Jackson duo. That's only because Williams has only done it once, but he surpassed the expectations placed upon him coming out of camp last year, and I wouldn't be shocked to see him do so once again in Year 2. I'm good with his five receiving touchdowns of last year, but I'm looking for the reception and receiving yards totals to continue to climb.

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