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Mailbag: What's Left To Do In Free Agency?


I really love the way the front office has been handling free agency over the past few years. Seems this year they are being more aggressive in this second wave, which I like. Do you think it's because they don't have a first-round pick or just the abundance of free agent talent this year? - KEITH H

Rob: It's probably a little of both, but remember, this is how the front office handles free agency. They're always opportunistic. Randall Cobb is an excellent player, and it just so happened this year he was available in that second wave on a one-year deal -- likely betting on himself to earn a larger payday next year. The lack of a first-round pick, and the fact that their first pick is late second round, does make it harder for the Cowboys to find immediate impact players in this draft. They believe they still can.

Bryan: I don't believe it has nothing to do with the lack of a pick. I believe it's just better quality of talent available.


Is there any other position you would add depth to via free agency so we can draft best available rather than having to draft by need? - TIM GALINDO

Rob: Edge rusher has to be a top priority and still could be a draft focus even if they address it before then. It's a strong D-Line class overall. Christian Covington and Kerry Hyder will help the defensive tackle rotation, but they still need somebody to help the group on the outside given Randy Gregory's indefinite suspension.

Bryan: I'd do my best to add Robert Quinn to the mix. That would give you flexibility in case something happens with DeMarcus Lawrence. I still think they're going to draft needs regardless of these signings.

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