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Mailbag: What's the Medical Status of LVE?


What's the medical status for Leighton Vander Esch? – GARET TANAKA / WAILUKU, HI

Rob: The Cowboys remain confident that Vander Esch will make a full recovery from his January neck surgery, but I would anticipate they will be deliberate with his offseason work until training camp.

Lindsay: Time after time, we've been told that Vander Esch is recovering well. Maybe not at the speediest rate, but it's happening. Unfortunately, it seems to be a wait and see situation until Oxnard.

What are you looking forward to the most for the upcoming season? – NEEL GAJERA / DALLAS, TX

Rob: First and foremost, I'm hopeful that all our sports can return to a sense of normalcy soon. Regarding the Cowboys, I'm fascinated by how the defense will look next season. New defensive coordinator Mike Nolan brings a lot of experience with various schemes. They plan to build the defense around the personnel they have. As many spots as they have to fill at the moment, that seems like the right call.

Lindsay: With so many free agents walking out the door, even if it was expected, it still stings a little. The Cowboys have no choice but to have a stellar draft class to fill some gaps these free agents left behind. I'm most excited to see what young talent brings to this team, because hey – it's all about new faces around here this year.

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