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Mailbag: What's The Plan for Zeke & Pollard?


What do you think that the Dallas Cowboys need to address in the 2020 NFL draft? CHRIS FIEGLER / LATHAM, NY

Rob: We'll have a much better idea once free agency gets moving in March. For now, there are far more questions on defense than offense (not counting Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper, who are both expected back, of course). You can look at all three levels of defense and say they could need an impact player and/or depth. Safety and defensive line, whether it's tackle or end, stand out to me right now.

Nick: It'd be easier to pick out the positions that aren't needed, like maybe running back and quarterback and perhaps guard. Other than that, you can make a case for just about everything else. Usually, I would say let's wait until after free agency to see what is needed. But that's not how this team operates. Free agency will just serve as holdovers at several positions. It shouldn't stop them from adding talent at just about any spot. But to answer the question, I can't imagine cornerback not being a need. I would say corner because regardless what happens with Byron Jones, you've got Chido and Jourdan Lewis coming up next year as free agents. I think safety, defensive end and defensive tackle are all areas of need and I wouldn't mind a shifty, quick slot receiver. Oh, tight end, too. Should be a fun weekend.

Do you think we will see more 2 back sets (Zeke and Tony) in the offense this year? Seems like you could really open things up by using 2 talented backs. – CHRIS T / ARLINGTON, VA

Rob: We saw it occasionally last season and I agree it's a nice wrinkle using two dynamic players. Regardless, I think there's a way to A) get Elliott more involved in the passing game; and B) get Pollard more involved, period. He played only 18 percent of the offensive snaps. No question Elliott is and should be the featured back, but Pollard can help in other ways.

Nick: I don't see why you wouldn't do that more. Pollard started to get more acclimated with the offense last year and while there will be some new wrinkles, the offense won't change too much. Remember, when Skip Peete was here, the Cowboys had some pretty good two-back systems whether it was Julius Jones and Marion Barber, or Barber and Felix Jones, or even DeMarco Murray and Tashard Choice. So I would think there's a place for Pollard to get his touches on top of what they're doing with Zeke.

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