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Mailbag: What's The Reason For Red Zone Struggles? WR Brice Butler's Role?


Question: So much is made of a team imposing its will, especially in the red zone, and it seems we're leaving a lot of touchdowns on the board when we get inside the 20. I know it's hard the closer you get to the goal line, but are we being outplayed by the opposing defense or are we lacking something to get us over the line?

Bryan: There have been opportunities to have made some plays in the red zone and this is the best example why you have missed Tony Romo. His ability to see the field, know where his receivers are going to be and execute the play is really what has been lacking for this offense. It has been frustrating each week to sit down on a Monday morning, study the film and come away with the same thoughts each week but that's the reality of where this team is.

Rob: On the final field goal drive against Seattle, Cassel acknowledged he missed an open Cole Beasley on a bubble screen when it was 2nd-and-6. Now all of a sudden it's 3rd-and-6 and it's a clear passing situation. On the first field goal drive against Seattle, a false start makes it 2nd-and-10 instead of 2nd-and-5. Now all of a sudden it's 3rd-and-long. It's little execution plays that are contributing to the red zone issues.


Question:Can someone please tell me why Brice Butler was inactive against Seattle? Could he and his speed have made a difference in this game?

Bryan: Butler was inactive because he didn't practice much on Wednesday because he was limited with a hamstring problem. If he had not had that issue it would have come down to a call on him or Devin Street and who would have had that last spot. Butler has been able to go all this week so we will see how that plays out.

Rob:Butler's speed is an asset, and it's an element that's more magnified on offense without Lance Dunbar on the field. We've seen them try to involve Lucky Whitehead more for that very reason. Garrett has said it's an ongoing competition for that fifth receiver spot on game days, and it's obviously a tougher decision the more Butler is able to do in practice. Of course, the team could always keep six wideouts active, but that would require going light at maybe a position like defensive line.

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