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Mailbag: What Shot Does Rosario Have At Making Final Cut?



With Witten, Hanna, and Escobar all expected to make the team, what kind of shot does Rosario realistically have of making the final roster?

Nick: I think he's got a good shot if they don't keep a fullback. If he can provide some help as a special teams player, an H-back role and a blocker, he could make this team. The Cowboys need to find some help as a short-yardage fullback and that's why guys like Caleb McSurdy and Kevin Kowalski were working in there. If one of those guys can contribute there, it'll help Rosairo's chances.

David: I don't think it's any coincidence that they brought in a guy who has familiarity with four or so positions in this instance. If Rosario wants to make the team, he probably needs to show some acumen for blocking, as well as the ability to play a fullback/H-back role. Lawrence Vickers is hurt, so if he can fill that hole, I'd like his chances of making the roster as more than just a pure tight end. I'm not going to hold my breath, though.


Dallas seems to have a consistent problem in not getting the offensive play called & initiated in a timely manner. Do you think Callahan calling the plays will fix this issue?

Nick: I think the organization is one of the reasons for these changes, so yes, I think you're on to something there. Then again, just because the snap comes out with 1 seconds on the play clock, doesn't mean the play got in late. Romo will run the clock down to the final seconds every time. [embedded_ad]

David: Callahan calling plays is one thing to consider. Two other things that come to mind are: firstly, Tony Romo's familiarity with the game plan. With an expanded role in the process, he should be able to take some of the burden off the coaching staff. The second issue would be how much in-game collaboration is happening among the coaching staff. Callahan calling the plays is one thing, but I'll be curious to see how much that actually streamlines the process.

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