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Mailbag: What To Do With Waters' Roster Spot



Would the Cowboys consider keeping Brian Waters on the roster to see how he responds to his injury instead of IR? Might as well keep him until we absolutely need the roster spot.

Rowan: I think they'll see how it goes for a week or so, but they do absolutely need the roster spot. The number of players on the weekly injury report is already in the double digits, and they need as many spots as they can get. Waters has been vital to the team's success, but the Cowboys need to make a decision as quickly as possible if this is an injury he can play through or if it needs surgery. 

David: I just can't see a 36-year-old player bouncing back from a severe injury in time to make an impact. I could be wrong, but I think the Cowboys will make a move to get someone else onto the roster before the trip to New Orleans. The injury problems are simply too great right now to keep that roster spot. [embedded_ad] JOSH SIMS

Despite the Cowboys' defensive struggles, I think Barry Church has played at a Pro Bowl level and has made good plays. Do you guys agree?

Rowan: He's been playing well, but I wouldn't go that far. I think he's been the team's best safety, but he's got just one interception and is in a secondary allowing the most yards and passing yards in the league. As great as he is at tackling and helping in support, he could still be better in coverage. The Cowboys need him to be an elite player if the passing defense is going to look drastically different. 

David: I consider Church to be a great hitter and fantastic at stopping the run. I think he's going to have a fantastic day against Adrian Peterson, specifically because the Vikings don't throw the ball very well. He needs to get better at playing the pass before I'd consider him a Pro Bowl player, but he's been one of the defense's best three or four players through eight weeks.

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