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Mailbag: What Will Happen If The Team Finishes Under .500?

If this team doesn't finish at .500, and that's stretching it, will Jerry Jones clean house? I mean a new head, draft a new quarterback, etc.

Nick: I don't see that happening, especially for the head coach part. There are some exceptions to the rule. If the Cowboys go like 1-8 or 2-7 down the stretch and have a few more games where playcalling and clock management is questioned, that could change things. As for quarterback, you might see one drafted again in the middle rounds, maybe even a second-round if one they really like is there. But I don't think it'll be a house-cleaning situation.  

Bryan: At the end of the season like he has done for all his years of owning the team, Jerry Jones will sit down with Stephen and Jason going through the roster and the coaching staff discussing what worked and what needs to be changed. At that point it will be pretty black and white to the group, are the players good enough or is the direction Garrett is taking this team the right one? There have been times where Jones had his mind made up before this meeting in the case of Dave Campo but the bottom line if this team has a losing record, the owner will not stand pat and whether that's change the coaching staff or his roster, he will do that.  

If the Cowboys tried to trade Felix Jones or Mike Jenkins before the trade deadline, what could we possibly expect back in return?

Nick: I would say nothing more than a fifth for Jenkins, unless that team is sure he will re-sign with them in the offseason. As for Jones, I can't see anyone trading any pick for him right now.

Bryan: IF and I say IF you tried to trade Jenkins or Jones, the corner would bring more value probably mid to late round, but my gut feeling is that they had a very high value for Jenkins and would not part with him unless it was something that blew them away. I really do believe that both players will be here when the team makes the trip to Atlanta.

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