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Mailbag: When Should The Cowboys Think About A QB?

Do you think the team should take a quarterback in the upcoming draft, and if so, in the earlier or later rounds?

Nick: Well, it all comes down to value and where he's graded. The Cowboys might not think they want a guy in the second round, but if they had a first-round grade on him and he's sitting there, then why not? That being said, I think anything past the first round is appropriate. I know some people would say to open it up to all rounds, but with the 18th pick, I don't think you're going to find someone ready to beat out Romo right now. And this team, at 8-8, needs some players who can step right in and contribute. If it worked out just right, I'd say middle round would be a good spot to find a quarterback that can develop.

Rowan: If there's a player they really believe they can eventually mold and develop into a starting quarterback, then I'd say go for it. But not in the first couple rounds. The Cowboys need immediate help, particularly on both sides of the line. If a quarterback they value highly drops into the middle or late rounds, or if there's a player they believe has the tools to become something special, then go ahead and take that chance late.

The Cowboys haven't had a potent running game like the previous Super Bowl counterparts. How important is that, and what do they have to do to get one going?

Nick: Well, it's vital. It's a must. It has to change or the Cowboys won't win. It starts with the offensive line. I used to think it started with the philosophy change but I don't think that way. In fact, the Cowboys tried a little too hard this past year to run the ball when it wasn't a strength at all, other than the game they played against the AFC Super Bowl representative. That was more of an aberration. It starts with the line – better play up the middle. Maybe some improvement at fullback, too. I think Murray is good enough to get it done, but he needs a better complimentary back this year.  

Rowan: Unless this team is just unstoppable through the air (and it isn't), it's not just important. It's essential. It needs a running attack it can trust, and it simply hasn't been there. Rather than getting fixed, it's seemed to get worse the past few years. The best and most obvious way to get the running game going is to get better players. It's possibly the offensive line was simply outmatched most of the time. The team needs to find a couple running plays they can trust and continue to run those throughout the game, rather than try to just hit the defense with a multitude of different looks. Getting one going starts with more production from the offensive line, and keeping DeMarco Murray healthy will also go a long way in improvement. Then a dedication to a running game should start to take effect.

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