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Mailbag: Where Does Ben Bass Fit Into DT Rotation?


I haven't heard much about Ben Bass. He's not even mentioned in the team rundown article, but I remember him having excellent quickness and getting into the backfield (during preseason). He seems ideal for this scheme.

David: We've gotten a lot of questions about Bass in the last few weeks. We haven't forgotten him, it's just that there isn't a boatload to say yet. He's going to be ready to compete for playing time when team activities start up in a month, and my guess is he'll play a role in the rotation – likely at defensive tackle. It'd be great for the Cowboys if he can contribute, and it will be interesting to see what Rod Marinelli can get out of him. I don't think I'd let his presence on the depth chart affect the draft strategy, though. This defensive line still needs help, even if Bass is playing a part.

Rowan: We haven't mentioned much of him because we don't really know what to expect out of him. As you mentioned in parenthesis, it was during the preseason and training camp that we noticed his quickness and explosiveness. We've seen camp stars who don't amount to as much when the regular season begins, but the potential for him to be a solid contributor is there. If he can come off injury and start his 2014 season the way he did last year, the future could be bright for Bass at defensive tackle in Dallas.

Just saw Daniel Jeremiah's latest mock draft, and he has Anthony Barr going to the Cowboys at No. 16 (Aaron Donald went to the Bears two picks earlier). If Barr was really still available at No. 16, do you take him, or do you trade down in that scenario? He would be one hell of a boost to the linebacking corps, [embedded_ad] but I don't see the Cowboys going LB that early in the draft.

David: In that scenario, I'd absolutely draft Barr. I think you have a point that the Cowboys might not want a pure linebacker that early in the draft, but you have to consider Barr's abilities as a pass rusher, too. He had 23.5 sacks in two seasons at linebacker for UCLA. By drafting him, the Cowboys could potentially add a strongside linebacker and a situational pass rusher. I think it'd be a great pick, especially if Donald is gone.

Rowan: The Cowboys could find a place to play Barr, whether it's at defensive end or outside linebacker. I'd be surprised if Donald was gone and Barr was on the board and they traded away from Barr. But to me, Donald's really the only player that could be available with the 16th pick that I wouldn't field offers for and would immediately turn my pick in for. I'd at least entertain the idea of a trade-back scenario with Barr, but I think you take him if he's available to you there.

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