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Mailbag: Where Does Scandrick Fit Into The Defensive Plans?


With all the talk about Webb playing nickel back, what happens to Orlando Scandrick? Is he relegated to fourth string or is he still the starter?

David: Whatever we think Webb might be able to do, it wouldn't be wise to hand him a major role until he's proven something on the field. I assume Scandrick would be the starter if the Giants game kicked off tomorrow, but we'll see how that shakes out this summer.

Rowan: Scandrick will be on the field as the third corner as long as he's healthy. He's consistently been around the facilities trying to get a grasp on the new defense with the secondary coaches. Webb provides some depth as a nickel back and could challenge with Sterling Moore for playing time. He also could be a player that eventually takes the third corner spot down the line. If he can make plays the way he did early in his college career, he'll find a way to contribute.


With all the talk of Romo being more involved in game planning, do you see Romo calling more of his own plays and maybe the Cowboys running more no huddle offense?

David: I think no huddle would be incredibly effective with the offensive personnel in place. But I seriously don't expect things to look too terribly different than they have in the past. Maybe we'll see a playbook that is slightly better tailored to Romo's strengths, but the Cowboys have had one of the league's better offenses for several years. Hopefully the biggest changes have a lot less to do with how Romo plays, and a lot more to do with how well the Cowboys run the ball.

Rowan: I could definitely see both of those things happening. If Romo's even more involved with game planning, then he'd probably be even more involved when the plays get out on the field. I think he's already had more influence on the offense than people realize. But perhaps the recent comments about his involvement in the offensive planning will also allow him to take the offense into his hands a little more, whether that means adjusting the tempo of a drive or checking out of plays.

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