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Mailbag: Which Addition Will Make The Most Impact?


There have been several new (and good) additions to our team. Which one do you think will make the biggest difference in 2020? ROGER HERNANDEZ / LAWRENCEVILLE, GA

Rob: Jeff Heath was an underrated player for years on defense and special teams. But Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is more than the "box safety" description I've seen thrown around. He's got some range in coverage and he's picked off 16 career passes. The Cowboys could add another safety in the draft, but I think Ha Ha has a chance to add some more 'ballhawk' to the secondary.

David: Hopefully, it's Aldon Smith. That would be a heck of a story, and it would mean the Cowboys' gamble paid off. Realistically, I'm going to say Gerald McCoy. He's been playing at a high level for years, and teaming up with DeMarcus Lawrence should help him see some favorable looks. It would be fun if he could notch 6-8 sacks from the defensive tackle spot.

With the pending Aldon Smith addition, I know Coach Tomsula may have had some influence, but I am thinking about assistant head coach Rob Davis' role. How does he help with Aldon and possibly Randy Gregory's development in the Cowboys' program? TONY SMALLS / GLENDALE, AZ

David: That's a really great point, and that's the biggest reason Rob Davis is on the staff. We've seen the Cowboys try stuff like this before, and they've had varying degrees of success. We'll see how Davis and Mike McCarthy's approach differs from what we've seen in the past. Hopefully, the changes to the CBA will help the Cowboys keep an eye on those guys, and will help them stay on track.

Rob: Well, both must be reinstated and back as part of the football team first. But your point is well made, though. Personal development is the main part of Davis' role as assistant head coach. The Cowboys have built a strong support staff in this area of the organization, but Davis has been a trusted aide for Mike McCarthy. He has been successful in this role with the Packers and in the private sector.

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