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Mailbag: Which pick was most surprising?


Which draft pick are you the most excited about? Which was most surprising to you? And which pick to you was the most disappointing given that another player was available? – Walter DeBell/Troy, NY

Nick Harris: The most exciting pick is Cooper Beebe, in my opinion. An absolute mauler in the interior, Beebe is going to bring big competition to the center position this offseason. The most surprising pick was Marshawn Kneeland for me. With running back, center, linebacker and defensive tackle all sitting there at No. 56 as big needs, Will McClay and his staff stayed true to their board and picked the best player available. The most disappointing pick, in my eyes, was No. 87. With quality running backs still available, I was surprised to see them take a linebacker that some had day three grades on. That's not a knock towards Marist Liufau, more so a knock on giving up on running back midway through the draft and leaving the position with a lot of uncertainty going deeper into the offseason.

Mickey: After not using a first-round pick on a center nor being high enough in the second round to grab one, drafting Cooper Beebe with the ninth selection in the third round with the pick the Cowboys acquired in the first-round trade down is a great move. They needed another center candidate on the team, but one capable of playing guard as a backup plan if Tyler Smith needs to move to tackle in an emergency. Beebe appears to be a smart, hard-nosed, no-nonsense lineman you'll fall in love with. Most surprising? Not sure of that since they didn't have a fourth-rounder and were limited to the 39th of 41 picks in the fifth. From a position standpoint, all the picks made sense. Disappointing? Not so much a pick chosen over another but the Cowboys waiting until the sixth round to grab a wide receiver, another position of depth need.

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