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Mailbag: Which Rookies Stood Out During OTAs?


I recently read an interesting article about Cole Beasley and how he's limited in what he can contribute to the offense because of his lack of size and ability to stretch the field. Do you think that's true?

Nick: Chris Paul is limited in his rebounding because of his height. He's still one of the best point guards in the game. What does limited mean? Sure, he's not the same as a Dez Bryant or Terrance Williams. But he can get open and work the middle of the field. Yes, he's limited. Yes, he's valuable.

David: If by 'limited,' you mean Beasley's probably not going to consistently burn defenses deep, then yeah I guess. But that hardly means he's not worth keeping around. We've seen what he can do in flashes – whether it was the game-sealing third down conversion against New York last year or the must-have fourth down catch at Washington. His size might limit him a bit, but his hands and his shiftiness more than compensate for that.

Now that OTAs are over which rookies seemed to stand out from the rest defensively and offensively ?

Nick:No rookie has put on a shoulder pad yet so it's still pretty tough for us. But let's try to have some fun with it. It's going to be hard to cut defensive tackle Davon Coleman, an undrafted rookie from Arizona State. Watch out for Dashaun Phillips, a cornerback from Tarleton State. This Ronald Patrick, a guard from South Carolina also looks pretty good. As for the [embedded_ad] drafted guys, DeMarcus Lawrence looks better than I thought he would. Zack Martin is going to be a solid rookie with the chance to be really good.  

David: I'm going to get really hyperbolic for a second and say that Terrance Mitchell really showed up in the three days of minicamp he was able to participate in. School obligations kept Mitchell out of the majority of OTAs, but he was everywhere during minicamp – intercepting balls, breaking up passes and just generally being a nuisance. It was pretty impressive that he made such a big mark in such a short amount of time. I also agree with Nick that Zack Martin has looked the part through a handful of non-contact practices.

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