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Mailbag: Who are the most intriguing UDFAs?


Of the UDFAs the team signed, who are you most intrigued about? Who has the best chance to make the roster? – Stephen Smith/Coatesville, PA

Nick Harris: As I did my initial film study on the UDFAs, I came away most impressed with Nevada safety Emany Johnson and South Dakota linebacker Brock Mogensen. Both have high IQ in the run game and were tackling machines for their respective programs. As far as who has the best chance of making the roster, I have to look at the two most needy position groups at defensive tackle and running back and identify Illinois DT Denzel Daxon -- who is still relatively new to football and is a run stuffing machine -- and Missouri RB Nathaniel Peat as having the best shot on paper. I also wouldn't rule out the high favor for Mogensen and UCF LB Jason Johnson.

Mickey: Not that I can say I've seen this guy play, but certainly Minnesota tight end Brevyn Spann-Johnson must have caught the Cowboys eye since they reportedly signed him to a $15,000 bonus and have guaranteed him at least a full year of practice squad pay. My gosh, he's 6-6, 260 pounds and spent six seasons playing for the Gophers due to COVID, so has experience and maturity since he's already 24 years old. Appears to be a blocking type tight end candidate, and the Cowboys always need one of those around, but still with the ability as a big target to catch the ball over the middle. But remember, the Cowboys found one of these tight ends last year who intrigued them, John Stephens. Unfortunately, he tore his ACL in training camp when he had a shot to make the team and will be healthy enough to start camp this summer.

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