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Mailbag: Who Gets The Blame In The Dak Delay?


Why does it seem like everyone in the media feels it's the Cowboys' fault for not having Dak under contract by now? If you had to choose, who's to blame? — GARET TANEKA / WAILUKU, HI

Nick: I think it's a good question and a fair question. Remember, when you say "media," are you sure you're not just talking about one guy at a major network who is making a point to bash on the Cowboys? That's just his shtick and it works. I'm not sure if a lot of local media here are really ripping the Cowboys for it. We think we know Dak has an offer on the table and right now, they're not seeing eye to eye. I don't know if I blame anyone. But I can't say I disagree with the Cowboys for not making him the highest-paid QB in the league. Does he deserve a big pay day? Yes. But I don't think he's earned a deal that would pay him higher than Russell Wilson.

David: I think people tend to blame the organization because, at the end of the day, it's their responsibility to make things work. As Stephen Jones has said before, it's not Dak Prescott's job to worry about the cap. That's the front office's job. Having said that, there's plenty of blame to go around when a contract negotiation has lingered for this long. I don't blame Dak for trying to maximize his value, and I don't blame the Cowboys if they're trying to hold firm and keep from setting the market. But the bottom line is that something's got to give, and I put more responsibility on the organization than the player to figure that out.

With the addition of Worley, do you think Awuzie should stay at corner? I know both players have played both positions, but who do you believe is the better fit to move? — ERIC MOBERG / BREWSTER, MA

Nick: I would say Worley because he's done it in real games before. And since there likely won't be much of an offseason, I would think the guy that has to make the easiest transition would make the most sense. But I don't know I'm ready to move Chido just yet. If these new coaches are as good as advertised, maybe Chido can learn from them and take his game to the next level. Just think what we might have said back in April of 2018 if someone told us Byron Jones is moving to corner and will be an All-Pro. I think I'm keeping Chido at corner if it were my decision.

David: I hate the idea of purposefully hurting my depth. The cornerback situation suddenly looks pretty solid, and I'm not sure you're doing yourself any favors if you hurt that by moving an experienced starter to a new position. If they want Worley to spend some time at the position, or perhaps Reggie Robinson for the time being, I could get on board with that. I just don't like the idea of thinning out my depth chart by moving Chido.

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