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Mailbag: Who Replaces Dez Bryant's Intensity?



In the past, Dez Bryant has always been a guy who brought the intensity to camp, even causing skirmishes at times. Now that he is gone, who is stepping up to bring that intensity and light the fire in some of these younger guys?

Bryan: I would have to say that Kris Richard has become that guy. I have never seen a coach talk as much noise as Richard. He was stirring it up with the receivers from the word "Go" during practice. The more plays his guys made, the louder he became. It was fun to watch.

Rob: I mentioned Richard as a name to watch in this regard before camp, and as Bryan said, Tuesday's practice was something to see. He was everywhere: talking to the receiver group, running with Justin March-Lillard the entire way for a pick-six. Lot of talking going on, but he said afterward, "Iron sharpens iron." It's about motivating both sides to compete and get better.


I've heard a lot of great things coming out of camp and theDallasCowboys.comwriters regarding Tyron Smith's play and otherwise health. I'm curious to know your opinions and what you've seen from his backup Cameron Fleming when he does take first-team snaps. Has he impressed or underwhelmed? Any positive surprises, or has he looked the part from his initial scouting report when he joined the team?

Bryan: To be quite honest, I was expecting more from Cam Fleming. He has struggled with his consistency especially when he gets tired. His technique becomes lazy and he's just not the same guy when it comes to executing his assignments. I believe it's a matter of him getting in better shape because I have seen him play better including a Super Bowl.

Rob: There are times when Fleming gets the job done and times when he gets moved off his spot. I don't think he's been bad at camp, but there's no question he's someone to watch because the Cowboys signed him expecting an upgrade at swing tackle.

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