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Mailbag: Why Abandon The Run After Second-And-1?

Can someone please tell me why on second-and-1 Jason Garrett is constantly calling passing plays? Does he just have no confidence in the running game?

Bryan: I understand what you are asking here and there are times where I believe that Garrett does give Romo an option, whether it's run or pass, and he has that freedom to make the call on what he sees. I am not saying this is all Romo but it's all about Garrett having total faith in the quarterback to get the offense into the right play.  

Rowan: I'd understand why passing for a few yards might seem more advantageous than a run in past weeks. On Sunday, that didn't make sense to me. The play sequence occurred with the Cowboys ahead, 10-7, driving at the Eagles' 41-yard line. Jones and Dunbar both averaged more than four yards per carry in the first half. After rushing with rare success in the first quarter, it seemed odd to go pass, pass, punt on a second-and-1.

After looking at the remaining schedule for the Giants (Green Bay, Washington, New Orleans, Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia), I'm a little more positive in the Cowboys' chances. I think the Cowboys can win the division at 9-7. Am I crazy?

Bryan: I have always believed that to win the division, you'd need to win 10 games and nine would get you in the wild card, but over the years that has changed a bunch. The Giants are really struggling at quarterback and I didn't like their secondary at all since week one. They can score points with anyone in this league, but again, the quarterback doesn't look right. As a Cowboys fan, you better keep your own house from burning and find ways to put some wins together because without that, you are going nowhere.

Rowan: It's not crazy. The rest of the Giants' schedule is intimidating, while the Cowboys face one team with a winning record. Though one would expect the Giants might pick up their play at some point, there's no doubting the 6-4 team has struggled in recent weeks. The Cowboys haven't demonstrated any sort of consistency week to week, but if there was a chance to make a run, it would be now, with three straight home games against teams with losing records.

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