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Mailbag: Why Aren't The Cowboys Blitzing More Often?

Why doesn't Rob Ryan dial up more blitzes? We have two very good corners and if the QB is being pressure, doesn't that mean more opportunities for our CBs to make plays??

Nick: For starters, this team hasn't been a good blitzing team over the years. They've sent guys that haven't made it through on too many occasions and that of course leaves the secondary vulnerable for big plays. Secondly, I've seen quite a bit of questions lately about the defense and playing press or man… has this defense been that bad on defense? Seriously, they rank 11th in defense and 10th overall, despite missing half of your starters and key players. I'm not trying to give them a pass, but let's not act like how they're defending the pass has been horrible.  

Jonny: I wouldn't mind seeing more blitzes myself, but the lack of extra pressure might have something to do with all the injuries to linebackers and secondary players. When you blitz someone it means you have to trust who ever you are leaving in coverage if the quarterback doesn't get sacked. A player like Danny McCray is not known for his pass coverage and could possibly be exposed when a corner is blitzed.


If Dez had pulled off that catch against the Giants, how different would the season look?

Nick: Honestly, I don't think the Cowboys would be 7-5. I know that sounds right and the Cowboys would be in first place, but I'm not sure they would've won three of the last four. This team doesn't handle success that well in my opinion. And coming back like they did against the Giants is one of those games that would likely cause a hangover in future games. Still, you'd take it because you'd be 6-6 with a sweep over the Giants and another win in the NFC East.

Jonny: It would probably be quite different. But then again, it would probably have been different if Romo had thrown two interceptions in that game instead of four. The Giants have had some close games that came down to a play or two as well. It's hard not to play that "what if" game, but you don't really get anywhere with it.

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