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Mailbag: Why Can't Garrett Call Plays To Put Points On The Board?


The Cowboys are two spots from being the lowest scoring team in the NFL. We saw a lot of it last year and the year before - why can't Jason Garrett call plays to put points on the board?

Rowan: Mostly, the Cowboys haven't put themselves in a position in opponents' territory to score at all. So it's not necessarily about a lack of proper red zone play-calling. Before the Cowboys put points on the board against the Seahawks, Tony Romo threw a pick in their territory. The Cowboys later got the ball to the 40-yard line and couldn't complete a third down slant. It's only been two games, so it's not worth worrying about just yet. Seattle just took it to them.

Josh: Why can't the players execute the plays called to put points on the board? The fact is, Seattle took it to them. They scored all the points they needed against the Giants. So, the offense was only bad in one game. Over Garrett's time here, the group has usually been pretty good. Give it a couple more weeks before you start to worry.


The Cowboys have had several instances over the years of letting underperforming players go, only to have them thrive with other teams. Is it perhaps a player evaluation problem leading to this? Martellus Bennett is the latest.

Rowan: Clearly, the Cowboys  evaluated Bennett in high regards to select him in the second round. They also gave Bennett another offer, and he chose to go to the Giants where he could be the guy. Behind Jason Witten, unless he stayed for a significant time, that wouldn't happen in Dallas. He knew he'd get a lot more looks in New York, and it made sense on his part. But it's not like the Cowboys just gave up on him entirely or thought he wasn't talented. Dallas has another All-Pro tight end, and New York didn't.   

Josh: So let's go over all these guys who have left and begun to thrive with other teams in recent years: Marty B. (so far), Stephen Bowen (who was pretty good as a Cowboy), Chris Canty (sort of). There it is, that's the list. The player evaluation problem with Bennett was back in the 2008 draft, when they thought he would be a weapon as Jason Witten's sidekick. He wasn't, and the Cowboys should have zero regrets about him moving on four years later.

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