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Mailbag: Why Don't The Cowboys Run More QB Sneaks?


I can't remember the last time the Cowboys ran a QB sneak. Why don't they go to that every once in a while when they need a few inches?

Nick: I can't really remember the last time the Cowboys – or any team – really stopped the quarterback sneak. I mean, it seems like it's a near 100 percent play. And if it's stopped, it's probably because of the spot. I agree. I think Romo is savvy enough to run it and get it. Really, it comes down to the fact this team can't get a push on the line. But a few inches? I agree I think they should do it more.

Bryan: I was trying to remember a game with a quarterback sneak and I couldn't. With Romo having issues with his collarbone and ribs, it might not be something that Jason Garrett doesn't want to risk, but I understand your point.


In your honest opinion, is there anyone on this offensive line that shouldn't be replaced? Obviously Tyron Smith isn't going anywhere, but I don't think any of the other four have done anything to make a case for the future.

Nick: That sounds easy enough but it's not likely that you'll replace that many guys. The problem is, none of them are consistent enough to even know who you'd like to keep. I do think Bernadeau is starting to come on strong here and keeps stacking good games together. Phil Costa has been pretty good when he's healthy and I think he'll get a shot to stay at center, but with Livings and Doug Free, they might look to upgrade there if possible.

Bryan: Phil Costa is better than I thought and you can make a case for him to remain in the lineup to work with whoever the guards are. I have studied weeks during the season where Bernadeau was poor, then the next week it's Livings. If I had to replace someone right now, I would probably look at the left guard spot and Nate Livings. I just believe there's more upside with Bernadeau to work with in the future than Livings. His movement and power give me hope that you can allow him to gain experience and build on that.

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