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Mailbag: Why Isn't Miles Austin Getting More End Of Game Looks?


Is there any reason Miles Austin isn't getting more looks toward the end of games? Drops have never been a problem with him that I can recall.

BRYAN: I really believed that the game that Austin should have got his majority of his looks was in the Bears game. Garrett had some really good match ups against nickel corner D. J. Moore but for some reason, the ball was going the other way. Austin could have taken over that game. I understand Bryant and Witten getting their share but Austin has been getting open, he had the one shot down the field on 3rd and five but he and Romo couldn't connect and he was good on the vertical route on the final play to Bryant. I feel like Romo will again find him soon.

ROWAN: You're right in that drops haven't harmed Austin's performances like they have most of the other targets this season. He'll need to play a more impactful role for the Cowboys to have consistent success in the passing game, but he wasn't completely non-existent against the Ravens. He still had five targets, but Jason Witten served as Romo's go-to guy in most emergency options and Dez Bryant was having his best day as a professional receiver.


Even though the defense is much improved in "total defense" this year, why do you think they still can't generate turnovers?

BRYAN: I thought that Jenkins might have had a chance yesterday for one but it would have been a one handed play. I think that turnovers have to do with pressure, tackling and being in the right place. There have been times where all three of this situations have been affective but it's not consistent enough. I saw this defensive staff every day work on creating more turnovers with drills during training camp and into fall practice. Rob Ryan is trying to put his players in situations to create turnovers, but they just haven't come. When you don't get turnovers, it puts your defense in a bad state where you almost have to play perfect every series to get a stop and that is not a good thing.

ROWAN: It's a definite problem when a secondary has zero interceptions five games into the season. As Bryan pointed out, Jenkins had a shot at one against the Ravens. Other than that, players haven't dropped interceptions so much as they haven't been there. The more pressure the defensive line and linebackers can create on opposing quarterbacks, the more the opportunities will come. Losing Jay Ratliff at the beginning of the season and Anthony Spencer the last couple weeks haven't helped, but the Cowboys need to figure that out soon.

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