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Mailbag: Why no calls for holding Parsons?


Seriously, did Micah Parsons make someone mad? With his streak of not drawing a flag against opposing offenses nearing 40 quarters, is there anything the Cowboys can do from a league standpoint? File a complaint or request a review of play? Seems like since these referees could call guys for holding Micah on nearly every snap, they simply just don't call it at all. Is there any hope of change? – Michael Johnson/Alexandria, LA

Nick Harris: I'm just as speechless as you are, Michael, when it comes to this issue. Micah Parsons' athleticism has forced opposing linemen to wrap him on a consistent basis, and he can't get a call. There are things that the Cowboys can do following a game; they can send plays to the league to get further explanation, but obviously there isn't any recanting that the league can do from a penalty standpoint.

Mickey: To tell you the truth not sure how to answer your complaint. Teams can send plays into the league the day after games for review and clarification of a call or no call so teams can use for teaching points one way or another. At times the NFL will respond by saying, yep, bad call or missed call if that is truly how they judged. But what good does that do? Can't take 'em back. But officials do get judged after each performance. And one would hope these officials don't have rabbit ears, allowing criticism to affect their judgments going forward. Can't imagine they don't have thicker skin than to retaliate against a layer complaining about missed calls. Just do your job. But they sure were quick to flag Micah for a late hit on Tua, Micah saying afterward head ref Shawm Hochuli told him "he should have pulled off."

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