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Mailbag: Why No Interceptions From Diggs?


Last year Trevon Diggs was an interception machine. He has not gotten one yet this year but he has looked pretty solid in coverage. Have you seen anything different in his coverage philosophy taking less risks or has it just been the way the game flow has gone? — JEFF NEISTEIN / WOODLAND HILLS, CA

Nick: I think it's a combination of a few things. For one, the quarterbacks are getting the ball out super quick. The pass rush is on point and so the ball is coming out much faster and that's affecting the chance for a lot of picks. Also, quarterbacks are supposed to be smart. They know who got 11 picks last year and who didn't. The only QB in the league who was alive the last time any player got 11 interceptions is Brady, and he didn't test him much. Now, teams seem to run at him more this year. But the best thing is that Diggs still has good coverage and let's see what happens when the level of quarterback he's facing starts to decrease.

Patrik: Diggs is mostly training the way he did ahead of his record-setting/tying season in 2021, but what you're seeing is a player who is already elite at taking the ball away get another offseason with Dan Quinn and Al Harris under his belt – something that lends to the progress being made in other areas of his game. Keep in mind, Diggs was just a second-year player last season, and while that's easy to forget when you see a cornerback grab 11 interceptions, the fact is he still has room to grow. The good news is he's doing just that: growing. The better news is what level he's growing from, because his floor is higher than the ceiling of most others at the position.

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