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Mailbag: Why no touchdowns from receivers?


I find it concerning that no Cowboys wide receiver has caught a touchdown pass since last season's wild-card win over the Buccaneers, now a four-game streak. Any explanation for this? – George Reynoso/Houston, TX

Nick Harris: The biggest thing that this phenomenon can be attributed to is the changes in the offense and its early inability to adapt in close quarters. This offense is predicated on getting things out quick and picking up medium-range, methodical gains to pick up first downs and march down the field. As a result, it's been difficult to get a receiver touchdown with a downfield target because there simply haven't been downfield targets. Pair that with their early woes in converting with red zone touchdowns, and it makes a perfect recipe for us looking at the stat sheet three weeks in and not seeing a receiver touchdown.

Patrik: I've been swirling this around in my noodle for three weeks now, and the more I dig into the film, the more I keep coming back to execution as the primary reason, but not the only. Were there a couple of play calls that I'd like the Cowboys to take back? Yes, indeed. An example being the triple option to CeeDee Lamb that yielded no gain. But, for the most part, you want to see more separation in the red zone and those triggers being effectively pulled when it happens. Additionally, it's also true that maybe Lamb and Gallup both have a shot at reeling in a touchdown if not for what I deemed to be DPI, neither being called (this is why you don't leave the game in the hands of officials) It is definitely a strange phenomenon, and it exists for a variety of reasons.

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