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Mailbag: Why Not Bring On More Linemen In The Draft?



For a draft that was supposedly deep in offensive and defensive lineman, why didn't the Cowboys draft more linemen?

David: As someone who was advocating that the Cowboys draft two offensive linemen and a defensive tackle, I think it's a good question. But if you go by what Jerry Jones and Co. said, they feel good about their defensive line. They also feel good about their tackle situation, with Tyron Smith on the left and some amalgamation of Doug Free and Jermey Parnell on the right. According to the guys drafting the players, they addressed the main need. We'll find out whether or not they're right soon enough.

Rowan: They were available for them to take, but they chose not to pull the trigger after the first round. The Cowboys apparently feel good about the personnel on the defensive line, and it's likely Rod Marinelli and Monte Kiffin had their input. It seemed after the first pick they might choose to bolster the offensive line to make the offense more "Romo friendly," so it was surprising to see them stop at Travis Frederick. If protection issues continue to be a major storyline next season, the decision to grab just one lineman will rise even further to the forefront.


Is too much being made about Jerry Jones' comments regarding Tony Romo needing to be more like Peyton Manning when it comes to his preparation during the week?

David: Short answer: yup. Jones was using Manning as an easily-relatable example of what he wants from his quarterback. Very few players influence the offensive gameplan the way Manning does – even the elite ones. You can't put up the type of numbers Romo has in the NFL without putting in a tremendous amount of work, so I'm a bit mystified why people are using Jones' comments to question Romo's work ethic.

Rowan:The minute anyone hears Romo compared to another [embedded_ad] quarterback, it becomes a story, and understandably so. But Jones wasn't criticizing Romo's work ethic or what he's done in the past. Rather, he values what Romo brings to a game plan and is ready to give his quarterback a greater role in that respect. Manning's been an integral part in game planning and play calling for years for his respective teams. The Cowboys want Romo to be involved similarly, at least when it comes to game planning during the week.

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