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Mailbag: Why Not More Talk Of Extending Murray?



DeMarco Murray is big, strong, quick, a very capable blocker, and averaged 5.2 yards per carry; it seems like it would be a big drop off to any other back on the roster. Am I missing something? Why don't I read anything about the Cowboys wanting to keep Murray beyond next year?

Nick: I think the Cowboys want to see how he plays next year. Remember, he's missed more games due to injury than Emmitt Smith ever did. So he still needs to prove he can do everything he did last year on a more consistent basis. He had a very good year based off our expectations. But I don't think you want to shell out a lot of money to any running back on his second contract, especially one that hasn't been consistent.

Rowan: It has less to do with wanting him and more to do with what it would take to keep him. There are few running backs in the NFL worthy of a big second contract. With the cap situation the way it is, the numerous capable running backs in the draft and around the NFL and the likelihood of injured backs only declining on a second contract, it would be a big risk to invest that money there.


Have you noticed that at the WR position every single underclassman and their mother has declared for the draft? Miles Austin is probably done. With that second round pick, we might be staring at a wide receiver with a first round grade. Thoughts?


Nick: There are a lot of receivers coming out it seems. And yes, there's one way to look at it with the first-round grades in the second round. But that also means more receivers could be off the board and allows you to take what you really need and that's defense. I can see the need for a receiver but only if he's got top-end speed and can stretch the defense. I just think your need on the defensive line is much, much greater.

Rowan: If that ends up being the evaluation, I'd take the receiver. If the Cowboys can get a first-round value wide receiver at their position midway through the second round, I'd absolutely take it. I think with this offense the Cowboys basically need two No. 1 receivers, and right now they have one. It's definitely not the team's top need, but if they can answer their defensive line issues while getting a quality receiver in the process, I'd be fine with that.

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