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Mailbag: Why Not Run For A Yard To Move The Sticks?


In the red zone, you're driving for what should be the winning score. Why take two passing shots toward the end zone on 3rd- and 4th-and-1, versus running for the first down and getting a new set of downs? Is it me, or was this the most puzzling play calling you've ever seen?

Bryan: We need to try and figure this out. There were six in the box and Romo had six blockers. He saw something that he thought he could have taken advantage of with Ogletree to make that throw. Know the safety Brown was over the top of Witten and ended up in double coverage so he was out of the mix. There is a side of me that believes that Garrett did have a run called because he had Witten on the line of scrimmage and Romo thought he had a better shot with that pass. On the play he also had Austin open on the drag across the field from the slot.

Rowan: I've heard a couple reasons on why the pass play was called, but regardless of whether Garrett called the play or Romo changed the play to a pass, to me that's the wrong decision. On third down with one yard to go, run the football. It wasn't the goal line, where the defense can be confident the run is coming. The rushing game struggled, but even the worst running teams in the league should count on one yard per carry. The Cowboys would have to go for it regardless on fourth down, so throwing a deep ball to a player who hadn't caught a ball all day certainly seemed odd.


Isn't it time to cut or at least sit Felix Jones for a while? Like his fumbled kickoff in the Seattle game, his fumble in the Giants game yesterday was a backbreaker. How much worse can the young guys be?

Bryan: I agree about the backbreaking fumbles, but your thoughts about Jones do not match those of the front office and coaching staff. I will comment that I do like the young backs on this team and when given the chance on special teams or carrying the ball have done a solid job. Need to see how this week is going to play out with Murray and his status for the game against the Falcons.

Rowan: Jones' only good game this season came against the Ravens, when holes seemed to open for every back. His name could float around as the trade deadline looms. I don't think you're losing a whole lot with Phillip Tanner and Lance Dunbar compared to what Jones has provided. Why Dunbar hasn't gotten more of an opportunity is somewhat confusing, given the overall lack of success on the ground.

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