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Mailbag: Why Not Spread Out More While Running?


Why does Garrett keep sending out the "big" unit with only one wide receiver when the team continues to struggle in running situations? Why not have at least two or three wideouts in short yardage situations to spread out the D?

Nick: Been asking for that for years. I think I get it if you have the ability to go on big-on-big and win those battles. But since you can't physically win the line of scrimmage, I think I'd try to spread them out and create more running lanes. And if the defense doesn't spread out with you, then you've got a quarterback and enough sure-handed receivers to make them pay by throwing it.

Bryan: Let's be honest, Garrett is doing everything in his power to try and figure out a way to move the ball on the ground. I have a strong feeling that you will see him get in some "Gun" 11 personnel and try to run the ball out of that with some inside hand offs. One of Jones' better runs against the Browns was in this formation. The more this line is able to angle block and pull, the better chance they have to have some better success.


Was it smart to extend the contract of an undrafted third-year player in Church, who started all of 3 games before suffering a major season-ending injury? Did they really thing there'd be a bidding war under these circumstances, and aren't there much more pressing needs?

Nick: Well I think if you look at the contract, you'll see it was probably a good deal for both sides involved. No there wouldn't be a bidding war, then again, it wasn't a huge deal either. Talking to his teammates, they were all surprised, but happy the Cowboys gave a contract to a player on IR. That's somewhat rare, especially in the NFL. I think it's a good move because Church is a good player and if he returns 100 percent from this injury, he'll definitely help them.

Bryan: There have been some mistakes in the past with these extensions, but I don't view Church as one of those. I really do believe the arrow is going up on him, despite this injury. There are so many things to like about his game, the toughness and the tackling ability. He really has come a long way in coverage as well. There is a side of me that really believes that he will return in 2013 a better player just because of the type of character and person he is on and off the field.

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