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Mailbag: Why only six OTA sessions?


The NFL allows each team to have 10 days of OTA practices, so why are the Cowboys only using six? I would think they'd want as many opportunities to get together on the field as possible, especially with a new defensive coordinator. Does this put them at any kind of disadvantage? – Brian Hoffman/Ft. Worth, TX

Mickey: You know, this appears to be a coach's decision. Head coach Mike McCarthy decided instead of a third week of team-wide "voluntary" OTA workouts he would use those allotted workout days for like rookie school. Meaning he wants to spend those days specifically for continuing to integrate the draft choices and rookie free agents into the practice regime and concentrate the full attention on getting the young guys prepared for training camp. Remember, these are way scaled down, so much so the Cowboys and McCarthy were docked a day last year and fined $100,000 for being accused of having "too physical" workouts during the 2022 offseason. Also, these are non-contact, competitive to the point defensive backs are not to contest any throws. All about positioning.

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