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Mailbag: Why The Hesitancy To Try A Different Third WR?

Dominick C

What do you think is the reason the team has been so hesitant to use someone else at the third receiver?

Nick: I think they look at what they've got and think they have the best option. Ogletree had plenty of chances to get beat out in camp and none of those guys ever did. They showed flashes but weren't consistent. We see the amount of catches Ogletree has or doesn't have. But it comes down to knowing the plays and where he's supposed to be. If you factor it all in there, I bet the Cowboys are playing the guy they trust the most and more important, Romo trusts the most.

Jonny: It may seem like too easy of an answer, but I think Ogletree's performance in the first game against the Giants bought him some leeway. It would be one thing if there was a proven wide receiver waiting behind him, in that case he'd probably already be on the bench. I think the threat of Ogletree going for 100 yards and two touchdowns still seems more promising than Cole Beasley or Andre Holme's potential. But a few more poor performances and that may change.  

Lorenzo Barnes

Do you think the Cowboys would have been better off with Claiborne, Jenkins and Scandrick as the top corners and taking the money they spent on Brandon Carr to upgrade the offensive line or add a different piece?

Nick: This year, maybe. Next year, no. Jenkins probably won't be around and who knows how much longer Scandrick is in the mix. It's easy to say that now but I think the Cowboys have to be very happy with what they got with Carr.

Jonny: No. I don't want to suggest that Carr has played perfect football this season, but it could be much worse. The Cowboys' passing defense is greatly improved from last season and I credit Carr as a huge part of that. He has done a great job of making it difficult for opposing receivers to get open. Giving up a play here and there is quite different than getting torched game after game. The Cowboys spent a lot of money on Carr to make sure that they would not be routinely beaten by opposing receivers.

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