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Mailbag: Will Addition Of Kiffin Change Draft Priorities?

I think after the last two seasons, it's pretty obvious the team needs more help on the offensive line, and to a lesser extent, at running back. Do you think the appointment of Monte Kiffin and the move to 4-3 in defense will mean a change in priorities when it comes to the draft?

Bryan: Again even before they went with Kiffin and this scheme change, I thought they needed defensive linemen because of the health and age of the group. Now think about no Brent and potentially the loss of Ratliff, you are getting very thin there. The good thing for the team is there will be some nice players to choose from in this draft.

Rowan: More of a change in philosophy when drafting defensive players than a change in priorities. I still think the main need is on the offensive line, though the Cowboys also could use some young, capable defensive linemen. Even with the addition of Kiffin, the Cowboys still need a defensive tackle and a defensive end, though this time they may want to find more of a pass-rushing end.

If Anthony Spencer isn't coming back, what would the Cowboys think about taking Alex Okafor from Texas at 18? Could fit real nice as a 4-3 DE, and provide a solid compliment to D-Ware.

Bryan: I believe they will go defense but I don't think it will be Okafor. I just don't see his grade being that high on their board that they would select him there. The hope is Floyd of Florida or Richardson of Missouri might be there or maybe they look at the safety spot. If they go offense it will be for a lineman.

Rowan: Okafor was clearly noticeable and active during the practices for the Senior Bowl. He stood out, even going against potential first-round offensive line talents like tackle Eric Fisher. The problem is there are a lot of capable defensive linemen who didn't play in that Senior Bowl who might have higher grades. Okafor might be more of a late first-rounder, but it wouldn't be shocking to see him get selected there.

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