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Mailbag: Will Beasley's Touches Keep Going Up Now?


It was great to see Cole Beasley get involved last game and it's evident that he can help move the sticks on offense. Do you see him getting more touches as the season goes on?

Rowan: He needs to. The Cowboys didn't have much of a choice but to get him going when they elected to spread him out with Miles Austin out. Now that Austin's back, I could see the Cowboys reverting to a scenario where Beasley gets maybe about a target per week. But they need to get him going on short yardage situations. I do see him getting more touches, but I'm wary to say last week's performance will be the regular.

David: I think a lot of that depends on the health and effectiveness of Miles Austin. If Dez Bryant, Austin and Terrance Williams are all healthy and contributing, it's going to make it tough for Beasley to find a consistent role on the field. That said, Beasley gave a great glimpse of the kind of spark he can provide. I'd like to think the coaching staff can find a way to get him three to five touches a game -- especially if the offense continues using an empty backfield.

With the Cowboys' offensive success against Denver last week, how do you think the Cowboys will implement Miles Austin back into the offense against Washington?

Rowan:I'd imagine he'll be full go. The Cowboys demonstrated they can be effective in the passing game without him last week, and he'll be anxious to show that what he can bring is still extremely useful. If you'll remember a week prior against the Chargers, everyone was clamoring [embedded_ad] for Austin to be back. The Cowboys will use him as they typically have and feel he's at least their second best receiver when healthy. Maybe he gets a handful fewer snaps than normal, but he'll be running across the middle as usual.

David:With Williams showing what he's capable of down the field last week -- both as a deep threat and a mid-range receiver -- I'd imagine Austin can fill the role of exploiting the defense underneath while the secondary focuses elsewhere. Like we've seen all season with injuries, though, I think the coaching staff will ease him into the process. With his health a consistent question mark, I'd try to keep him closer to the line of scrimmage.  

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