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Mailbag: Will Bryant Be Voted As An Offensive Captain?



Do you think Dez Bryant will be voted as one of the team's offensive captains?

Nick: Hmm, I don't think so. I've never really thought about it. But Romo and Witten seem to have that down. But I think it would be meaningful for Dez if he won it. I'm not sure how much Tony really cares about it. As the quarterback, you've got captain-like roles and leadership responsibilities anyway. So it would be good for Dez if his teammates named him a captain. Personally, I think he might be a year away from that. But you don't have to call the coin flip to be a leader and lead by example. Just the fact we're even mentioning that is a sign of major progress for this young man.

Rowan: I think he will, but that'll be up to the players to decide. He's looked at as a leader on this offense, and he's beginning to accept that fact and bring it upon himself to serve as more of a role model. The team already has two pretty major offensive leaders in Romo and Witten. You can even add Miles Austin to that. The fact that other leaders already exist would be the only reason to keep Bryant from that role.


How is Terrance Williams' training camp going and how much do you think he will be able to contribute this season?

Nick: I think he's improving by the day. He's starting to look more and more comfortable. But as for contributions … we'll see how it turns out. I don't think he will make a ton of catches or anything. There are a lot of options for this offense. Williams could get 30-40 catches for about 500 yards. Who knows, it could be more but the focus is on Witten, Dez and Miles, not to mention more carries for Murray. So I think the way to evaluate Williams is to see how ready he is for each situation. He'll get the chance to make big plays and let's see how he responds. The biggest thing for Williams is to be polished by next year. He might have a bigger role then and perhaps a starting spot.


Rowan: He might be the prime example of a player getting better and more confident as training camp progresses. When it started, I didn't think his body language was very positive after a mistake. Now, though, he looks more confident in his routes and receiving ability and the mistakes are dwindling. He'll be a contributor this season, but he's still the fourth or fifth option as a receiver when you count Jason Witten. Don't expect huge numbers, but do expect him to be a player that can take advantage of some 1-on-1 matchups throughout the year and excel in a few games.

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