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Mailbag: Will The Cowboys Build On This?


Having seen seven games from the Cowboys with some pretty radically different results along the way, which version of this team do you believe to be the real one? Is it the team against the Jets and Packers that looked lost, the one we saw on Sunday night against Philly, or somewhere in the between? - TOMMY CALDWELL / EATONTOWN, NJ

Bryan: The Jets game showed a lack of depth at certain positions. The Saints game showed the defense could play well for 60 minutes, while the Eagles game gave me hope that when they're balanced on offense they can beat anyone in the league.

Rob: Well, getting four takeaways every single game is tough for any defense. But the recipe Sunday was pretty clear: They won both lines of scrimmage, they won the turnover battle, and they played really physical on both sides of the ball. (It didn't hurt to get several key players back, either.) Based on the talent here, they're capable of doing those things more often than not.

Good win for the Cowboys heading into the bye week, so l thought with a slow week you could address Noah Brown. We know he was put on the PUP list all the way back when training camp started so can you explain the PUP list, and if the Cowboys plan to transition him onto the active roster? - JIM BAXTER / MURRIETA, CA

Bryan: Noah Brown can start practicing now and will be allowed so for a couple of weeks before they have to make a roster decision on him. My understanding is they're going to wait unit after the bye to start the practice clock in order not to waste a week where they only have two practice days. We should see Brown soon.

Rob: I asked Jason Garrett about him last week. He said Brown is making progress and they'll see what his status is the next couple weeks. Perhaps he'll be ready to practice after the bye and start that three-week evaluation window before deciding whether to move him to the active roster or keep him on the reserve list.

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