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Mailbag: Will The Cowboys Do A Better Job Scoring Touchdowns?


Everyone is worried about who is calling the plays or what the offense will look like. The reality is, we gained plenty of yards between the "20" last year, but just did not score enough TD'S. Are we going to be better scoring TD'S?

Bryan: I believe that this team has red zone weapons with Bryant, Witten and now Gavin Escobar. If Bill Callahan is the play caller, I believe that you will see more of a physical approach and that would mean that Murray will see more of the touches there. There were times where Garrett appeared to try and use deception in his approach to his red zone package and I am not saying that is totally wrong but the attitude in this area needs to change and a different mindset needs to take place and I think you will see this under Callahan.  

Rowan: It's difficult to answer that in May, but the one reason to be optimistic is the 6-6 target Tony Romo gained in Gavin Escobar. The red zone struggles certainly shouldn't get worse than last year, when the Cowboys rushed for only eight touchdowns. Joseph Randle, who had a knack for reaching the end zone in college, should be able to at least help out in that area. Stronger offensive line play is expected with Travis Frederick's addition, and that should also help the backs cross the goal line more.

I remember reading about some young guy on the roster that could be a sleeper at right tackle. Is there any option other than Free or Parnell?

Bryan: I believe you read some comments that I made about Darrion Weems that the pro department poached from the Denver Broncos practice squad. I really liked what I observed from his preseason film from last summer when he was with the Patriots. He is very light on his feet and it was rare that you would see him on the ground. I thought he did a nice job of keeping himself between the defender and the ball both run and pass. Right now he is the backup on the left side behind Smith and is probably a year away but he is a guy that I know that I am going to keep an eye on as we head to Oxnard here soon.  

[embedded_ad] Rowan: The one player that could possibly surprise some at camp is Darrion Weems. The Oregon product is 6-5, 320, and could backup the tackles on either side of the line. The Cowboys have a couple other options as well, including Edawn Coughman, but Weems is the one I'd keep my eye on. Still, I'd be surprised if anyone other than Free or Parnell started this year.

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