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Mailbag: Will the Cowboys Pick Up Any O-Line Veterans?


After injuries to the line, do you see the Cowboys picking up any veterans just in case?

Nick: It's possible, but I think that stuff happens closer to the end of camp. Not only do you get a better evaluation of your own guys, but maybe you can add a player cut from another team. At least he will be in football shape.

Josh: If the injuries to Bill Nagy and Kevin Kowalski are as serious as we've heard, then they probably need to get somebody in here who they would be comfortable starting, if necessary. It's neat to see David Arkin taking snaps, but I doubt the Cowboys would love the idea of him starting at center for them if something happened to Phil Costa between now and Sept. 5. They wanted Costa to face competition, so they should go get some for him.


Do the Cowboys have a viable backup plan in case Jay Ratliff's foot injury lingers?

Nick: Not really. I think you'd see Sean Lissemore get more snaps. Maybe that would be a good spot for Marcus Spears to get more reps.

Josh: The answer depends on how much you like Josh Brent, Rob Callaway and Sean Lissemore. Of course, none of those guys is Ratliff.

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