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Mailbag: Will The Cowboys Rethink Dez As Punt Returner?


With Miles Austin continually having hamstring issues, do you think the Cowboys will reconsider having Dez Bryant as the punt returner?

Nick: That's a good question. But I don't think you can play scared anymore. You have to put your best guys out there. Don't forget about the Dolphins game last season. Bryant's punt return helped put them in position to drive and win the game. Against the Cardinals, Bryant had a big return that was nullified by a penalty. But it would've likely given the Cowboys the win there. Bryant is the best they've got and they can't let other factors determine what they do with personnel moves. Very good question, but I don't think I would let Austin's injury affect Dez.

Josh: You ask about how the Cowboys will handle it. If Austin is out of the lineup, I can see them reserving Bryant for big play opportunities in the return game. But if Austin's healthy, they need him back there. This team can't afford to leave big plays on the field.


We all know who the top four corners are as of right now, but will the Cowboys keep a fifth, and who might it be?

Nick: That's an interesting situation as well. I thought one of the rookies like Lionel Smith or Isaac Madison would have that spot. Madison has been cut and Smith hasn't stood out that much. I think the answer to your question is Mario Butler. He spent last year on the practice squad and so far, they've tried him some at safety. That tells me they're looking for someone to be a versatile player that could be valuable on game days. Teddy Williams isn't too far behind but my pick would be Butler.

Josh: I think they will. My best guess is Mario Butler, because he can double as a safety. But it's an open competition, and could change in one preseason game.

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